Council of Catholic Women

All women of the Blessed Sacrament Parish are invited to join the Council of Catholic Women.  The Council of Catholic Women is an organization founded in 1920 at the request of the U.S. Bishops. They recognized the women of the Church to be active, motivated, and influential in a broad range of ecclesial and social issues. The Bishops wanted to give women a unified voice and from with which to serve Christ through His Church. Historically, they have responded to the needs of the times, of the poor, of the elderly, and of the marginalized through the spiritual and corporeal works of mercy. They support the work of our Priests and Bishops.

All woment of the Parish are members of the Council of Catholic Women. The CCW has done wonderful work! Some examples include:

  • Raised money to donate to the Parish for general operating expenses
  • Provided Lenten soup Suppers to the Parish and Community
  • Participated actively in Fall Festivals
  • Made and sold countless pasties to raise funds for the Parish
  • Held baby showers for the local Pregnancy Life center (Family Life Center)
  • Helped with Parish Mailings
  • Worked with Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life
  • Provided Lunch for Organs in Review
  • Provided Assistance for Habitat for Humanity and the Community Thanksgiving Dinner
  • Worked the Parish Funeral Circles
  • Held Women's Retreats
  • Prayed for the needs of Parishioners, the Church, our Nation, and of the World

The CCW typically meets on the 1st Monday of the month at 1pm (no meeting during summer months).  Please check back for meeting dates and times.  Be a part of the enjoyment and camaraderie of sharing with others the work done to help our priests throughout the year.  Please call the Parish Office 262-5541 with any questions. Pray to the Holy Spirit to guide you.  Come Holy Spirit, come.  Our Lady of Good Counsel, pray for us!