Knights of Columbus


Fall Festival Beverage Booth



Officer’s /KC Meeting

5:00 pm


Pancake Breakfast St. Leo’s Hall

8:00-12:00 pm





Your decision to join the Knights could define your year.

Join Catholic men just like you striving to strengthen their faith, their families, and their communities as members of the Knights of Columbus.

Every Knight makes a difference.

Each man brings a unique story, a particular set of skills,
and a heart that is ready to serve.

We invite you to take this exciting step and join us today.

It’s an opportunity that could define your year and change your life.


The Knights of Columbus is a trusted name, tried by time, present where men are, providing inspiring re- sources and support for strengthening your faith and living a life of virtue.

Knights lead with faith. Knights protect our families. Knights serve those in need.

When the world says men should step aside, Knights of Columbus step up.

We are Catholic men. We live by principles in- formed by faith. We are sons, fathers, husbands, and grandfathers. Join us on life’s greatest adventure to discover the man God calls you to be.