Faith Formation


2021-2022 Faith Formation Registration is OPEN!  Please click HERE to register.  Once registered for Faith Formation, you will receive a welcome letter. To view a copy of the letter, please click HERE.

Please click HERE to view the letter dated October 5th, regarding Faith Formation planning and events.  

For a Calendar of Parish & Faith Formation events CLICK HERE.

Meet our Faith Formation Team..

Fr. Daniel Weiske (Pastor) [email protected]

Fr. Trevor Peterson (Associate Pastor) [email protected]

Josh Wopata (Faith Formation Director) [email protected]

Ben Milani (Coordinator of Faith Formation) [email protected]

Jennifer Steinbrecher (Sunday School Coordinator) [email protected]

Deacon Grant Toma and Deb Tom (Family Faith Formation) [email protected]

As a team, we will be utilizing more technology to share information and changes with you the Parents/Guardians of our Parish Youth.

Please check the website for updates to events!

This year, we are using  to stay connected and communicate with you.  Upon registration, we will add you to Flocknote.  You will then get a welcome note, and the option to verify your email/phone. 

Volunteers needed for 6th-12th grade Faith Formation.  We are looking for anyone who is called to volunteer in any capacity (food, set-up, attendance, small group leaders, etc.) Please email or call Josh Wopata with any questions: [email protected]  218-996-3314.  We will create a sign-up to help with our meals. The youth have been enjoying the meals and we would like to keep them as a part of Faith Formation. If you think you could help with part or a whole meal, please let us know or sign-up for a date.  Please click HERE to sign up to Volunteer or help with a meal.